Flight Control


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NFD can draw upon years of experience in the development of automatic flight controls for both manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These flight controls are designed using either classical or modern methods. The control algorithms are optimized either for a straightforward PC simulation, a hardware-in-the-loop-simulation (HIL simulation) or a real-world application in the aircraft.

Focal points:

  • Stability Augmentation Systems

    used to adjust flying and handling qualities of the airplane: stability optimization, in-flight simulation, enhancement of flight comfort in turbulent air

  • Attitude Control Systems

    These systems are used to bring the aircraft in a desired flight attitude and to make it maintain this attitude.

  • Flight Path Control Systems (Autopilots)

    Autopilots are flight path controllers and autothrottle systems used to stabilize both flight path and speed

  • Flight Envelope Protection

    This system prevents the airplane from passing over the limits of the flight envelope. Any pilot input leading to that risk will be overwritten by a restoring signal of the controls.

  • Flight Management Systems

    An FMS connects navigation systems with automatic flight control systems: it generates command values for autopilot systems and, in case of a UAV, controls the engine, flaps, landing gear and lights

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