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The workshops offered by NFD can be divided up into two main categories: university lectures and selectively offered technical seminars.

The workshops are offered two to three times a year. They deal with the development and optimization of flight dynamic models. The main development tool is Simulink® by MATLAB®. The participants learn to develop the flight dynamic model either for a fictitious or a real-world aircraft. The availability of existing data is a prerequisite. Furthermore, the participants will learn how to optimize their flight dynamics model by changing the adequate coefficients or derivatives for adjusting the flight performances or the flight behavior. Thus, a simulation model is created that can be flown on every PC. Optionally, one of our partners’ flight simulators can be used to evaluate the model with a higher level of realism.

Focal points:

  1. University lectures
    • Aircraft design
    • Flight mechanics I & II (flight performance & flight dynamics)
    • Automatic flight controls
  2. Technical seminars
    • Development of flight dynamic models with flight tests in a simulator
    • Approaches to the optimization of flight performance and characteristics in the simulation

Current workshop dates can be found here

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