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Flight Models

NFD develops flight dynamics models pertaining to professional flight simulation for its customers. These are generic (FAA Level 5 or EASA FNPT II) or type-specific models (FAA Level 6, EASA FTD I, FFS Level A,...). Based on these models, the following aircraft categories can be simulated:

  • Piston
  • Turboprop
  • Jet

Therefore, NFD is able to model a wide variety of aircraft. In addition to the flight model, we can optionally supply our customers with the Reference Data Report, the Validation Data Roadmap or a tool for the automatic execution of the QTG tests. Besides, the customization of our products is an important part of our business philosophy.

For us, the quality of our flight models is a crucial matter. Please click on the link below for getting some results of the analysis of our DA40 flight model:

Genreic Model DA40

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