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NYASIM | NyaPlane | NyaPed

NYASIM: Flight Simulation and Flight Model Development Tool

NyaPlane: Automatic QTG Tool for X-Plane

NyaPed: Automatic QTG Tool for Prepar3D

NYASIM is a powerful tool for the development, analysis and validation of flight dynamic models for manned, and unmanned aerial vehicles. NYASIM has been developed as an academic flight simulation tool for allowing the aerospace students to practically experience the topics of the theoretical courses related to aerodynamics, flight dynamics, aircraft design, automatic flight control and more.

NYASIM can be used as a stand-alone PC application and, if desired, can be expanded into a desktop flight simulator as well as ultimately into a professional flight simulation cockpit. This is possible thanks to the integrated UDP-interfaces in NYASIM. Therefore, Nyaben Flight Dynamics concluded a close cooperation with ELITE Simulation Solution, which has developed special, FAA approved flight simulation training devices for this academic tool kit.

The main stages in the NYASIM based FDM development are:

  • Flight Model Data Estimation

  • Flight Simulation with Obejective and Subjective Model Optimization

  • Flight Model Validation and QTG Report

Using NYASIM enables you to:

  • Rapid tune the flight model parameters by means of sliders during the flight
  • Validate your FDM in a subjective and objective way
  • Flight your model on a PC (stand-alone) or from a FSTD
  • Automatically run the QTG tests and generate a report in pdf format
  • Realize a target pursuit with defined time and constant distance in UAV mode
  • Simulate a remotely controlled aircraft with corresponding latency
  • Update the UAV trajectory by editing way points during the flight
  • Use an emergency safe landing system

Please click on the link below for specific information about the different NYASIM versions:

Description of the NYASIM versions


NYASIM (YouTube): Flight Simulation and Model Validation


NyaPlane (YouTube): Automatic QTG tool for X-Plane


NyaPed (YouTube): Automatic QTG-Tool for Prepar3D

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